Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files App Reviews

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So nice

Its such a pleasure to find our friends on comics... I want more...


Je Love Wallace & Gromit :-)


..It is pretty funny, hope there is à autoupdate soon with a new. Story . But old One mustnt Be removed

Comes up a little short

I love Wallace & Grommit. There are few things that appeal to the little kid in me, and Wallace & Grommit are among them. After reading this cartoon though, I have to admit to feeling a little, well, unsatisfied. Of course, it lacked the animation my inner kid likes, but moreover the story wasnt engaging enough. I came away from it feeling like Id just finished reading a toddler book. It felt flat, but I did recognize in it the attempt to model it on the animated style of story. I encourage this effort though. As a first attempt it holds promise.

Great for Grandparents

Im not about to let my grandchildren play with my iTouch but will certainly show them the comics of Wallace and Gromit. Really lovely graphics


its a great story for adults and kids and it has a very nice ending


i love Wallace and gromit, could you ask iTunes to put the movie on wallace and gromit the curse of the were rabbit

Im not understand this application

Not logical?

Love it love it love!

Thought it was a game but love it nonetheless. Looking forward to more perhaps with audio or games. Great job lads!


Great game! Very fun and lovely


Im a Wallace and Gromit fan. This is a great app. Thumbs up!

Price is right

Great for free, but highly unlikely to ever buy one. Even for a buck. Needs voice, auto-flow, use of vibration, camera movement, etc.


Great story nice and long story and I liked it


Ok for free but not worth any money

A bit of a let down

Wallace and Gromit were first very popular in England, where my dad is from. He came here and when I was born 13 years ago he first introduced the short films to me. I remember running around saying "Time for walkies" and "NO CHEESE GROMIT!". This, from the opinion of a life-long fan, was a let down.


Could have done without the army jab, but overall very cute.

Just one comic?

Comic was good but only one free comic?

.... Well what can I say it was pretty nice

b bu but i it w wa was r re rea real reall really n ni nic nice i l li lik like liked i it p pr pre pret prett pretty g gr gr8 a ap app app!

Good app.

Great book to have. Enjoy reading it. Creates interest to move forward.

Good work

Interesting book for free. Love reading it. Enjoyed the app. Highly recommend.

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