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Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 9115 ratings )
Entertainment Book
Developer: Titan Publishing Group Limited
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 06 Nov 2009
App size: 5.12 Mb

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Jimmy Hansen
Colourist: John Burns
Lettered by: Jimmy Benancourt/Comicraft
Editor: Steve White
Digital Comics Editor: Ned Hartley
Digital Comics Designer: Mark Gamble
Application Developer: Hayden Stainsby

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first ever screening of Wallace and Gromit, we are delighted to present their first ever digital comic, which will be FREE for a limited time!

The W Files!

When strange shapes and flashing lights are seen in the night sky, there are only two paranormal investigators that can solve the problem. Sadly they arent available, so Wallace and Gromit might as well have a
crack at it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Full colour 59 screens.

Published by Titan Publishing Group Ltd, 144 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0UP. Wallace and Gromit is © and TM Aardman Animations Ltd, 2009. All rights reserved. Any unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, exhibition, diffusion, sale, public performance or other exploitation of this work is strictly prohibited. Wallace and Gromit and the characters “Wallace” and “Gromit” are trademarks of Aardman/Wallace and Gromit Limited and are used under license.

Pros and cons of Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files app for iPhone and iPad

Wallace & Gromit 1: The W Files app good for

Its such a pleasure to find our friends on comics... I want more...
..It is pretty funny, hope there is à autoupdate soon with a new. Story . But old One mustnt Be removed
Im not about to let my grandchildren play with my iTouch but will certainly show them the comics of Wallace and Gromit. Really lovely graphics
its a great story for adults and kids and it has a very nice ending
Thought it was a game but love it nonetheless. Looking forward to more perhaps with audio or games. Great job lads!
Great for free, but highly unlikely to ever buy one. Even for a buck. Needs voice, auto-flow, use of vibration, camera movement, etc.

Some bad moments

Wallace and Gromit were first very popular in England, where my dad is from. He came here and when I was born 13 years ago he first introduced the short films to me. I remember running around saying "Time for walkies" and "NO CHEESE GROMIT!". This, from the opinion of a life-long fan, was a let down.
I have always loved wallace and gromit. I was very excited to get this app, especially since it was free. i eagerly opened the app, but was disapointed to find this nothing like the real thing. It wasnt funny, and it wasnt a good story either. I wouldnt have given it any stars at all.
Its not by Nick Park, and its not claymation (or even photos). Just someone elses attempt to use the license to make a mediocre comic.
Its a cute cartoon. Thats it. I wouldnt call it an application.
One of the main reasons I liked Wallace & Gromit so many years ago was the creative claymation it used. This is: 1) not claymation 2) way too short. I doubt this qualifies as an app. Or if it does, then not a very good one.
Wallace + Grommit - Nick Park = FAIL Seriously... The art style is off, the storyline is off, and the humor is off. Plus,... The formatting is wonky. If the app is set to landscape mode only, than why not make ALL the frames landscape?!? Why must a look at a portrait orientated image in landscape mode? I wouldnt pay for this. Sorry - big disappointment.